NLP Workshop

What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming / NLP It is the study of the structure of our subjective experiences. It is a selection of techniques, models and tools that allow you to understand the human brain and how it works. NLP can be used in all areas of your life, especially in personal, professional, and business growth. It provides processes that produce excellent performance and consequently excellent results, so that is why NLP is seen as the study of excellence.

Is there an NLP training course?

Yes, we are the only ones in the UK to offer this course in Portuguese with such certification (More information at the bottom of this page …)Course Name: Licensed Practitioner of NLP ™ (Course taught in Portuguese)Duration: 7 daysWhen: Three weekends (From 9th to 24th September 2017)Location: 1 College Yard, 56 Winchester Avenue, NW6 7UA, London, UKMore information: +44 (0) 07949 86 7743 or

A Free Day! how come?

We offer this free one-day workshop for people aspiring to become certified NLP practitioners and use knowledge in personal life, professional career and / or in business. By attending this one day NLP workshop you will be able to decide if NLP is the right path for you. Valdemar Dorigon have a completely personal approach to training, no hard sales pitch, just fun and concrete NLP training.

During this informative NLP training day, you will:

1 – Learn powerful NLP techniques through totally free content and instruction
2 – To have a friendly and fun training style
3 – Decide if you will continue with NLP courses and become a professional in the field
4 – Meeting people with the same mind set

To whom? ... This workshop is for:

a) You who have never heard of NLP, then this is your opportunity to know what it is, how it works and how it can help you to achieve your goals in life.
b) It is for you who have heard, read something but have not attended any type of practical training.
c) Or even for you who already know NLP and have not yet completed the course. Then you come to know the training style and seek a course with certification. Whatever it is your situation, I believe this will be an incredible learning day for you!

Some of the key benefits of NLP:

• How to set goals and plans to achieve them
• Understand how the human brain works
• Learn how to change and manage your behaviors
• Change and manage emotional states
• How to get rid of limiting beliefs
• Problem solving
• Turn your actions into high-quality performance
• Communicate more effectively with people to negotiate, manage, sell, lead and inspire …
• NLP allows you to accomplish things that only once a ‘select’ group of people were able to perform

Some Areas of Application:

• Communication
• Positive change
• Learning
• Sales
• Education
• Training
• Management
• Relationships
• Marketing
• Coaching
• Sports

Limited Space Reservation Policy

We offer a limited number of seats for weekend NLP workshops, which usually run out quickly.

• The only Licensed Practitioner of NLP ™ training (7 days) in Portuguese in the UK, recognized and approved by The Society of NLP ™, the world’s oldest NLP regulator, represented by Dr Bandler (Co-founder of NLP)
• This means that with us you learn the Official NLP and its certification is recognized worldwide.

25 Novembro (Sábado)
10:00 as 16:30

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